ekiben (Bento)

Japanese "bento" is now gaining popularity overseas. In the first place, there was no Japanese-style bento overseas, that neatly packs rice, main dishes, side dishes, etc. in one box. When it comes to take-out lunches, sandwiches and hamburgers are the main products in Europe and the United States, and "one side dish + white rice" is packed in tappers in Asia. However, in the last few years, specialty stores selling "Bento" using containers similar to Japanese bento have appeared all over the world.

Among them, the lunch box peculiar to Japan is "ekiben"(lunch box for travel by train). At major stations, unique "ekiben" containing local specialties are sold. The bento is a set of situations when you eat it, and it feels even more delicious. For that reason, the "ekiben" that you eat in the train has become one of the pleasures of traveling, and its popularity continues to this day. Another attraction of "ekiben" is that you can feel the area from the vessels and foods.

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