Katsushika Hokusai

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First of all, about Katsushika Hokusai.

Hokusai is the only Japanese person named among the "100 people who have influenced the world in the last 100 years" selected by the American magazine LIFE magazine. "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" is said to be the second most famous painting in the world after Mona Lisa.

 It depicts fishermen clinging to a small boat in a raging wave, shows "how humans are powerless in front of nature", And its concept can lead to today's SDG, Sustainable Development Goal, I think.

 Hokusai's grave is a five-minute walk from my house, and his last words (which were also inscribed on his tombstone) were "Even after death, let's become a spirit and go for a walk in the summer fields." I think it is a good representation of Hokusai's freewheeling personality.

 I often visit Hokusai's tombstone and pray that he will help people around the world learn more about his woodblock prints.

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