Koshu Kajikazawa by Hokusai

This is one of the popular woodblock print in 36 views of Mt. Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai.

Kajikazawa River and Fuefuki River join together to create rough waves of Fuji River.
Waves crash against the rocks and foam violently.
In contrast to the rough seas, a fisherman silently casts his net on the rocky ground.
A triangle is formed from the fisherman's back to his head, and from his hand to the focused net.
 A similar shape is depicted as Ura-Fuji in the background.

A solitary fisherman casts his net with a sense of tension, while a child peering into a basket of fish on a rocky beach represents the overall tension.
It softens the feeling of stuffiness.

The first print is printed in a single color of indigo and is said to be the best masterpiece of Hokusai's indigo printing.
The number of colors has been increased, such as orange being drawn between clouds.