“Setsubun” is the day before the vernal equinox. It is an event to throw soybeans and eat sushi wrapped in seaweed.
It is held on February 3rd every year.

The act of throwing soybeans is called "Mamemaki". "Mame" means "soybean" and "maki" means "throwing".

Soybeans are thrown inside and outside the house to pray for good health.

At that time, throw it while saying, "Oni go outside. Happiness come inside the house."
It was originally a Chinese culture, but it has been practiced in Japan for about 1000 years.

Sushi wrapped in seaweed is called "Eho Maki". Eho means "the direction from which the gods come," and "Maki" means "rolling."

Ehomaki is a new culture that started about 100 years ago.

When eating, you must eat silently. The reason is that if you talk, happiness will escape.

Both events are auspicious events that wish for happiness in the new season.

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