Shower below the summit by hokusai

A work that can be listed as one of the three roles in the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji series. This painting, which represents the majestic appearance of Mt. Fuji, is called "Black Fuji" while "Gaifu, Clear Weather" was called "Red Fuji".

Summer cumulonimbus clouds form at the foot of the mountain, and the foot of the mountain is covered with black clouds. It is a work drawn in contrast to the static red Fuji. In addition, by depicting the difference in weather between the summit of Mt.

The sharp gradation from the jet-black base to the summit and the sharp peak convey the rigor of Mt. Fuji and the tranquility that surrounds it. The subject "white rain" means a shower. The flashes of lightning drawn at the foot of the painting give the whole picture a sharper edge, while the blackened rain clouds approaching from the depths foreshadow the sudden rain that is about to come.

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