Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist who is considered one of the last great masters of traditional Japanese woodblock printing. He was a prolific artist who created over 10,000 prints during his lifetime, many of which depicted scenes of violence, cruelty, and suffering. Yoshitoshi's work reflected the turbulent times in which he lived, with Japan undergoing rapid modernization during the Meiji period. Despite the often grisly subject matter of his prints, Yoshitoshi was a highly skilled and technically accomplished artist. He was a pioneer in the use of Western-style shading and perspective, and his work had a profound influence on the next generation of Japanese artists. Today, Yoshitoshi's work continues to be highly regarded and is held in the collections of many major museums around the world like Hokusai. And his arts maybe the basic of Japanese Anime. 

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