Kyoto Sensu (Folding Fan)

Kyoto Sensu

The Kyoto Sensu, folding fan dates back more than 1200 years and has more than 80 production steps. Every step is completed by group of highly skilled artisans.

This is made by insertin g bamboo into the Japanese "Washi" paper giving it a faint bamboo scent.

These Japanese fans are beautiful works of art that you can both carry with you and use. 

Stay cool and relaxed with this unique Japanese design.

This trademark represents the regional collective trademark "Kyoto Folding Fan," owned by the “Kyoto Folding Fan Group of Commerce and Industry Cooperative Union.” Each fan’s surface, frame, and finish are all produced in Japan.
This trademark can only be used by union members. We only sell Kyoto folding fans made by members of the above union.